Fossil Rock with Dubai Offroaders

Fossil Rock with Dubai Offroaders

Fossil Rock with Dubai Offroaders

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Fossil Rock, who’s original name is Jebel Maleihah, is a big red rock in Sharjah territory, 1 hour out of Dubai on the Sharjah Kalba Road.

The name comes from the many gastropods fossils that can be found in the area, 80 millions ago submerged by the Tethys Ocean.

Today is one of the most popular offroading destinations in the UAE and the ocean has been replaced by people driving!

Today was also my first non-newbie drive with Dubai Offroaders so I joined the fewbie convoy and…. I got stuck twice in 5 minutes! 🙂 Great beginning, great way to say “hey guys, I’m ready!” XD

But after that the drive became fun. Almost no interruptions, shorter breaks, and mooooore driving. I crossed my first sharp ridge and I started to enjoy the real desert driving experience. My friend and copilot Aron was a bit scared at the beginning but he ended up having fun too. At the end of the drive we found a small family reunion… around 800 cars gathered in a valley, making a hell of a noise with supercharged engines, climbing dunes, drifting and doing all the crazy stuff that you are able to do only if you are Arab XD

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Enough talking, let’s go straight to the video!