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Beauty Shooting while Dune Bashing! Video+Pictures!

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The beautiful model Ginevra ( challenged me! She said she would be able to pose in any situation, even while dunebashing! And since my real job is photography… challenge accepted! Thanks to HotColdStudio Dubai for…

A drive in Al Faqa West

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Today we had a smooth and fun drive in Al Faqa west, 45 minutes driving from Dubai. Some tricky technical dunes but nothing too difficult, it was a relaxing day. I got stock on top…

From Madam to Al Faqa (we didn’t make it) with Dubai Offroaders, plus a Polish language lesson!

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Until 3 days ago, the slowest documented process on Earth ever observed was the radioactive decay known as two-neutrino double-β decay. During this process, two of the neutrons in an atom spontaneously decay into two protons, two electrons…

Sherry the Dancer: a Desert photoshoot

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This is one of my favourite desert shootings. Sherry is an extremely talented and beautiful dancer from Abu Dhabi. Her mother, Hanna, asked me to do something beautiful, something different… so…. so I said “ok,…

Two Suns in the Sunset: a desert photoshoot

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As some of you may know, my real job is Photography. I’m a photographer since 2009, I started in my hometown in Italy, Sanremo, and little by little my business grew and today I live and…