My first time in Starfish Dunes

My first time in Starfish Dunes

My first time in Starfish Dunes

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Better than Liwa.

Ffffffiu… I said it..! Yes, the 2 days drive in Starfish Dunes was so fare the best trip I ever made. 180km of EVERYHITNG, soft dunes, tall dunes, technical dunes, ridges, sabkhas, camels, gazelles, breathtaking landscapes. Other big improvement, my wife was with me for the first time in a serious trip. Joe, our marshall, made things clear since the beginning: in the first 5 minutes of drive we had steep climbs, ridges sharper than knives and 2 jumps! When we stopped (thank God someone got stuck after few minutes) I asked him if it was for real or just a prank! It was not easy to keep up with the fast rhythm of this drive, it was an endless roller coaster made of sand. Soft sand. There were areas in which walking was a challenge! The tension was high and I snapped a couple of times XD, as you will see in the video, but luckily I’m Italian and people thought that this was part of my hot typical mediterranean temper, so nobody got seriously offended..! Unfortunately not everything is in the video….

I also made my personal record of damages to the car. Windscreen (it cracked out of the blue, I don’t know what hit it), front bumper (too fast down from a dune) and rear bumper (courtesy by Brad and his light Nissan Patrol!). Plus, of course, several scratches, thanks to my love for trees and bushes.

Once again it was great spending 2 days with lovely people and I almost exploded after the rich barbecue. Next time I will only carry a towel with me, and I’ll roam thought the fires saying “hi how are you?” and waiting for people to give me food! XD

Ok, enough talking… Below you can find the map with entry and exit point and, as usual, a video!

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